You seem to have stumbled on a collection of images by an amateur Scottish photographer.

The pictures you will find here are a mixture of digital and film, though in the last couple of years my focus has been mostly on the latter, as my current interest lies in exploring black & white as a landscape medium in its own right, and I have found film to be a better natural fit for that. I use a variety of cameras, from Micro 4/3 digital to a 4"x5" large format view camera.

I have a small selection of traditional, handmade, B&W prints available for sale, in case you are interested, and, of course, my images are also available for licensing in a digital form.

Oh, and my name is Tomas Frydrych, though friends just call me 'tf' (should you, for some reason, want to know any more about me, there is always the blog).