Good Morning Stirling
© Tomas Frydrych

One rather cold, but otherwise, glorious morning in the autumn of last year, I headed up to Stirling with the Linhof Kardan camera to take a picture I had in mind since the summer. Alas, when I arrived I realised I left the tripod head behind ... The Kardan is too much of a beast to use without a tripod, so I just ended up wandering around with the light meter.

I returned the following day, even though the light conditions were not as good as the previous day. I took five shots of the view I had in mind, and then, having one sheet of film left, I took this image here as an afterthought. As it happens, the photo I had in mind did not work out in the given light, but this one here came out quite well, I think.

Scan of a 10"x8" silver gelatine test print.